All-in-one Safety System

Manage your entire workplace health and safety operations on a single, right-sized OHS platform.

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Access OHS Resources

Your workplace safety knowledge base.

Capture Safety Events

Risk, hazard, inspection and incident reporting.

The Safety Office

Your OHS headquarters.

Take Action

Reach your next level in OHS performance.

Empower Workers

Drive safety engagement and collaboration.

Measure Performance

Monitor, analyze and share OHS results.

3 reasons to drive your health & safety operations with StellarHSE by NeXafe

No doubt about it: between workforce training, project deadlines, and fast-evolving regulations, managing workplace safety today is more demanding than ever.

With StellarHSE, do more with less. Much more. Our OHS system adapts to your business- and industry-specific conditions, enabling you to reach your next level in safety performance.

Achieve compelling results

Get the support you need, always. Our safety experts dive deep and zero in on your reality, enabling you to make the most of NeXafe and achieve superior onboarding, user-adoption and safety performance results.

Simplify to comply

Streamline your OHS processes with intuitive interfaces that foster user engagement and simplified workflows, all logically connected to your H&S Program initiatives.

Empower your team

Engage your full workforce in building a successful safety culture. Give them tools that support their individual roles, automate accountability and communications, and enable collaboration.

Go beyond your current OHS management tools.

Address core OHS challenges with the software system built on decades of workplace safety experience.
H&S Program
Build and share your safety program on a single platform, using powerful templates and leading OHS practices.

Mobile iOS & Android App
Report hazards and incidents on the spot and swiftly initiate corrective actions.

Incident Management
Between initial alert, corrective actions and final reports, every tool you need to manage incidents from A to Z.

Risk & Hazards
Improve decision-making and corrective actions by capturing consistent, high-quality risk and hazard data.

Corrective Actions
Create and prioritize corrective actions for each event reported and ensure follow-through with real-time progress tracking.

Task Prioritization
Keep every user informed of new or overdue tasks with personal dashboards and automated notifications.

100% compliance-ready
Meet company, industry and regulatory requirements using customizable forms built by our safety experts.

Inform your people instantly about alerts, reported events, assigned and overdue tasks, training and safety decisions.

Ensure consistent and effective reporting, analysis and corrective actions thanks to smart workflows.

Goals & KPIs
Make better-informed decisions faster using KPIs and goals that reveal powerful insights.

Leverage powerful templates and workflows from the market’s most customizable OHS software.

The OHS system YOU can customize.

Ready for work yet totally flexible: tailor NeXafe to your workplace specifics thanks to the widest range of self-customization options on the market.
1. Personalized Onboarding 2. H&S Program 3. Learning Center 4. Users & Groups 5. Report Forms 6. Inspection Forms 7. Hazard ID & Incidents 8. Automated Notifications 9. Dashboard View 10. Charts and Graphs

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