HSE Management System

HSE Management

NeXafe helps you manage, through its StellarHSE system, your entire workplace health and safety operations on a single, right-sized HSS platform.

NeXafe helps you manage, through its StellarHSE system, your entire workplace health and safety operations on a single, right-sized HSS platform.

An All-in-one Simple and Powerful Tool

All the tools needed to act quickly and efficiently, from risk identification to incident management, which adapted to suite different levels of users.

HSE Central

Simple while powerful functions that puts you in full control of the situation and allows you to easily adapt the application to the specific needs of your business.

HSE Documentation

An easy and efficient way to manage your complete HSE program documentation and communicate it throughout your operation, anywhere at anytime.

Mobile App

A System with a Real-Time Impact

Manage risks before they become incidents

Report on risks, hazards and incidents live, with supporting visuals. Assign tasks, stay on track with reminders, even monitor your KPIs, no matter the time or location.

Turn every worker into your watchtower, allowing them to flag risks and feed up details with remarkable consistency. 

Rest assured that no one drops the ball
on safe work practices.

NeXafe automatically establishes your company’s due diligence program. The system is designed around HSE pillars, covering all aspects of a due diligence program. Furthermore, with HSE data hosted on a fully integrated platform, you can swiftly export any element of information needed to demonstrate due diligence or meet third-party platform requirements.

HSE Intervention

Take action, from risk identification to inspection reports.

Enable your people to report with improved speed and consistency by displaying required fields only and customizing drop-down menus for incident, risk and hazard reports—including type, cause and severity.

Deliver high-value reports and incident-specific measures swiftly, using reporting workflows and automated notifications. Improve traceability, analysis, corrective actions and follow-through by interconnecting your data on a centralized platform.

Reproduisez tous vos formulaires d’inspection papier en version numérique. Personnalisez tous les champs, qu’ils soient requis ou optionnels, et déclinez autant de formulaires spécifiques à chaque type d’inspection que vous le souhaitez.

HSE Central

Manage the overall situation and customize the application to your business reality.

Keep your eyes on your most important information: personalize dashboards by embedding views for your top charts, graphs and KPIs. Understand your HSE performance and make better-informed decisions thanks to customizable graphs and charts designed by our safety experts. Take advantage of prebuilt templates to grab a snapshot of performance anytime. Use them as is, or tailor them for a better fit fast with built-in editing tools.

Keep every user informed of new or overdue tasks with personal dashboards, automated notifications and progress tracking. Ensure consistent and effective reporting, analysis and corrective actions thanks to smart workflows.

Leverage powerful templates and workflows from the market’s most customizable HSE software. Automate notifications to speed up awareness and resolution, and maintain complete control. Target and tailor triggers and messages to reach the right recipients at the right time with the right information. Build unlimited notification assignments.

HSE Documentation

Manage and provide access to your full HSE program documents.

Build ans share your safety program on a single platform and provide 24/7 controlled access to supervisors and workers.

Establish the rules for HSE performance, improve worker competence and increase productivity with a base of 130+ high-quality policies, procedures and forms. Adopt them as is or customize them. Choose any or all of them, and add your own. You’re in control with NeXafe’s built-in document management system.

Centralize all safety meeting information, from talking points to notes and follow-ups. Use customizable templates to produce high-value reports, adding tasks and assignees for tracking and accountability.

Optimize your productivity with the simple yet powerful functions of our file manager (SharePoint type), build and easily integrate custom forms, automate document update recalls, and keep traceability of your document through the ownership feature.