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Safety leader gets more compliance insight and efficiency
with NeXafe.

Ask anyone working at The Broda Group to talk about their company, and the chances are that within a minute, they’ll have uttered the word safety at least once. Indeed, the group’s unwavering commitment to safety permeates the company’s culture.

Broda has grown immensely since founded by Cas Broda in 1957. Today, the award-winning group is one of the most experienced companies of its kind in Western Canada. To continue fulfilling Broda’s commitment as a safety leader in the heavy construction industry, the company’s decision-makers looked for a dedicated HSE management solution. Enter NeXafe.

1. Time to Get the Right Tools for the Job
2. How NeXafe Changed the Game
3. Next-Level Insight and Efficiency

We have a commitment to safety and a culture within our team that allows us to be proactive in working safely and push ourselves to improve how we achieve that constantly.

1. Time to Get the Right Tools for the Job

As Broda kept growing, its safety professionals continued to uphold the company’s superior compliance record. Management spreadsheets, cloud storage, uploads on different systems, the collage of solutions kept up with the challenging demands of Broda’s operations—a challenge made greater still by the day-to-day reality of having a workforce that moves from one project site to another.

However, the efforts expended at making this aggregation of tools work together was becoming overwhelming. At one point, managers noticed that training was being done for individuals who didn’t need it. Better safe than sorry, but this was one of the triggers; time to look for a more efficient and reliable solution to manage worker compliance relative to project requirements. NeXafe came strongly recommended. Broda mandated NeXafe’s team and leaped into HSE software territory.

The Support to Get There

Making a move to any centralized management system entails necessary procedures. Working with a vast and fragmented database, the HSE team at Broda had obstacles to overcome. NeXafe’s newfound set of features also came with a new perspective on HSE management.

“Onboarding did not come without its difficulties. It was, however, eased by NeXafe representatives. The growing pains that come with implementing a new program were drastically reduced.”

— Robert Price, HSE Manager at the Broda Group.

2. How HSEtracker Changes the Game

The magnitude of Broda’s projects alone will make anyone think about health and safety: earthworks, civil construction, aggregate processing, concrete production, and the heavy equipment that goes with the job. By switching to an integrated solution like NeXafe, Broda’s safety managers can now count on powerful software to meet government and client-specific requirements.

One-Stop Platform

The ability to centralize HSE worker-related information in one secure, cloud-based location was a Broda prerequisite. The NeXafe solution took things further, fueling the streamlining process Broda’s team was striving for.

No more spreadsheets, no more fragmented systems, just a one-stop location to view critical data smartly. Broda’s HSE people now connect to a single HSE database, where they can filter information by department role, job site, and more. On a smartphone, tablet, or computer, they can also examine the actual documents and images within NeXafe’s navigation interface. In short: managers get the information they need, when and where they need it.

Safety Passport

With NeXafe, Broda’s HSE management now gets 100% accurate visibility on worker compliance, in real time. Information on every worker is hosted in an individual profile, i.e., the Worker Passport.

On job sites, supervisors simply scan a worker’s  Passport to validate certifications. Proving employee competency is done on-the-fly, remotely from the office, and without error. Moreover, with NeXafe’s simple smartphone or tablet scanning procedure, there’s no need to install scanning stations at job sites, as required by other systems. Workers can also focus on their jobs without worrying about having vital information at their disposal. Their Passport contains items like safety tickets, training certificates, insurance, and emergency information.

Is a worker compliant or deficient?

Supervisors can know instantly, running reports by job site or role.

Custom Filters

The Broda Group can grant NeXafe access beyond the core HSE management team, expanding on the company’s safety culture. Thanks to restricted edit permission, an unlimited number of users can be added while still ensuring content security and preventing the likelihood of error.

Automated Alerts

Using NeXafe also means that Broda’s safety managers can rely on automated notifications to stay on top of requirements. Expiry dates for worker training are pre-entered into the system

NeXafe + the Broda GrouP

Better use of resources No more training redundancies Information is readily available Real-time compliance insights

3. Next-Level Insight and Efficiency

Increased Productivity

  • “Immeasurable.” That’s the word that keeps coming up when Broda talks about the efficiency gains afforded by NeXafe.

In practice, having specific data readily available speeds up planning and reporting tasks for HSE managers at The Broda Group. 

Setting requirements by site and groups of workers—and linking the info to subcontractors—broadens the potential of the Safety Passport feature. 

The ability to customize communications flows and view the progress of assigned responsibilities further reduces the time invested weekly by admins, employees and managers.

A Sharper Competitive Edge

With accurate, real-time information on worker profiles, the employee qualifications average also got a boost.

Before NeXafe, workers sometimes followed courses they didn’t need or were already certified for.

Monitoring employee training is now an error-free procedure.

This creates new opportunities to raise brand equity by leveraging a qualified workforce that not only meets but also exceeds requirements.

We’ve improved tracking certification and competency deficiencies while reducing administrative costs. In turn, this has allowed us to drastically decrease overtraining and undertraining and increase corporate, legislative,
and client compliance.

NeXafe ability to filter individual employees on various projects while taking requirements into account has provided us with the opportunity to meet and exceed regulatory and client requirements in all industries.

-Robert Price, HSE Manager, The broda Groupe

The Broda Group works with federal and interprovincial clients. Requirements vary from project to project, making it that much more difficult to manage employee certification and competency. “The software’s up-to-date statistics now provide us with a clear reading of our compliance performance at any given time, both corporately and legislatively,” adds Robert Price.

By facilitating worker compliance monitoring, NeXafe provides real-time compliance/non-compliance percentages to Broda managers, empowering them to deal with potential gaps much more quickly, and with fewer risk for human error. The gains in productivity not only nurture Broda’s reputation as a safety leader, they also open up new resources: less time managing compliance, more time driving business performance.


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