Contractor Compliance Management

Contractor Compliance

NeXafe is a collaborative platform that eliminates middlemen and provides Mains with a powerful tool to manage contractor compliance at a lower cost.

NeXafe is a collaborative platform that eliminates middlemen and provides Mains with a powerful tool to manage contractor compliance at a lower cost.

Your benefits as a Main Contractor


Manage compliance of an unlimited number of Contractors for FREE.


Generate all kinds of e-forms with integrated eSignature and time stamp.


Manage your requirements by projects, contracts, or customers.


Select your contractors in the database or invite them using a simple email.


Add private information to the individual profile of your contractors.


Automate notifications and manage roles and permissions per user.


Create and customize varied reports and automate their distribution.


Control the overall situation and performance level with the dynamic dashboard.

eForm Builder

Go digital and gain in productivity and compliance

  • Easy add-on.
  • With time stamp.
  • One or multiple in the same form.
  • Signed documents are automatically added to the worker or contractor Passport.
  • Create all type of documents: safety meetings, orientation, inspection, hazard ID, incident / investigation, maintenance, etc.
  • Use in combination with our Documentation Management module to be fully digital.
  • 100% customizable forms​.
  • Create all the forms your organization needs.
  • Multiple easy-configuration pre-set options.
  • Notifications triggered based on answers.
  • Automatic actions when a response meets specific conditions.

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Contractor Compliance

Management Module

Unlimited number of contractors

Unlimited number of contractors

Master list of tracked items



Requirement lists by project

Rating of contractors

Private folder per contractor

Powerful e-form builder

Integrated e-signatures

Management Tools

Automated notifications

Report builder

Dynamic dashboard

Management groups

Allowed number of users



Customer support


Dedicated support

Worker Compliance

Access to the Partner portal


Contractor Compliance

Management Tools


Contractor Compliance

Management Tools

Worker Compliance

You also do contractor work?

Add your Contractor Passeport and manage compliance at once with our combo packages.

Automatically share your proof of compliance with your customers by simply accepting their collaboration request.

Directly sign eForms from your customers (once signed they will be added automatically to your Compliance Passport).

Enter your information and documents only once and eliminate repetitive actions, mistakes, and rework.

Remain 100% compliant with our automated recalls that notify you before a document reaches its expiry date.​

Designed for the needs of contractors

An easy-to-use & high-performance tool

The lowest cost solution for contractors

A very low annual fee, good for up to 15 clients.

No limit of document uploads.

Cap pricing for an unlimited numbers of clients.

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