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NeXafe is a collaborative platform that helps simplify and automate managing worker and contractor’s compliance to regulatory and OHS requirements as well as internal measures.

Performing Everyday with NeXafe

Contractor's Compliance Management

General Contractor

Selects its contractors, defines which requirements are needed per projects, job sites, etc. and controls compliance and performance of each contractor.


Manages all permits, certificats, and other relevant information and documents in his Contractor Passport and easily shares relevant information to his clients.


Shares with the manager via the Partner portal his permits, certificats, licenses, and other proof of compliance required to enter a job site and perform his task.

An Integrated Collaborative Platform

Worker's Compliance Management

Be 100% compliant
Simplify your work
Increase your productivity

NeXafe eliminates rework, paper, and Excel files. It allows for an integrated and automated management of all worker and contractor requirements, informations, and documents. 

NeXafe is a cloud solution which installs quickly at a very low price and provides 24/7 access, from anywhere.

  • OHS, permits & insurance, certificates & diplomas, homologations, etc.
  • Attain, control, and demonstrate 100% compliance.
  • Performance evaluation, training, quality systems, procedures, etc.
  • Track, assess, and improve your operational  performance.
  • CV, track records, warranties, diagnostics, etc.
  • Centralise management and ease updating and sharing information.

Simplicity and Performance

NeXafe’s advanced features allow to easily manage the most complex situations :

Management Groups
Allows to group both users and Passports to reflect your management and supervising structure, thus empowering individuals throughout the chain of responsibility.

Contain all requirements, information and documents that you want to track in relation to a worker or a contractor. Each Passport has a unique QR code for easy validation in the field of the compliance status.

Requirement List
List of all information and documents, mandatory or not, that you want to track in relation to a worker or a contractor. Requirements can be grouped in sub-lists to reflect common needs of a team, project, or work site.

Automated Communication
You can easily fix automated updates, or recalls, follow-up, report generation and distribution to ensure that you are always up-to-date and to on top of the situation.

Integrated Signature Function
Custom forms with e-signature capability. The signed and approved documents are automatically posted to the assigned Passport.

Worker and Contractor Portals
Simple and easy to use, the portals allow for workers and contractors to view and upload their Passport (requirements and documents) and for the managers to to edit and approve the requirements and documents.

The manager's control tower gives an overall view of the situation, see the comliance score, missing information, documents pending for approval, or upcoming due dates.

Custom Reports
Report generator with multiple built-in filters that facilitates managing and tracking the situation, planning budget, or informing colleagues.

Control and Sharing
The unique QR code generated for each Passport, can be printed on an hard plastic card or a sticker for easy in the field access. Profiles can also be shared with outside partners with only a few clics.

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Improve Your Compliance Score

Using a specialized solution is the best way to improve your compliance performance and here are 10 good reasons why NeXafe is your best option.

1. Intégration personnalisée 2. Programme SST 3. Centre de formation 4. Utilisateurs et groupes 5. Gestion des risques 6. Inspections 7. Gestion des accidents et incidents 8. Notifications automatisées 9. Affichage du tableau de bord 10. Tableaux et graphiques

A Solution Designed for the Needs of Small and Medium Businesses

A Quick and Economical Set-up

L’interface moderne et intuitive de NeXafe modern and intuitive interface is easy to use. The cloud-based solution is active right from the start when you open your account. The simplified on-boarding process, guided by our customer service experts, will get you going in no time.

Made to Meet the Needs of Most Industries

NeXafe was initially designed to perform in highly controlled and complex industries such as oil & gas and mining. The solution is now adapted to diverse industries without limiting its performance.

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Ports & airports
  • Aviation
  • Mining & Quarries
  • Oil & gas
  • Medical

Whatever your area of activity, if you need to manage compliance,  NeXafe will help you perform.

A Price You Cannot NOT Afford

NeXafe is built on a modular structure that adapts to your needs to offer you the lowest cost possible. That you opt for one, tow or all three of our modules, you only pay for what you use.

You can also add to our core module, specialized functions such as our Form Builder with an integrated e-signature or our Documentation Center with its mobile app.

  • For a low yearly fee, you can manage by project, job site, contract, or else the compliance of unlimited number of contractors. 
  • Based on a monthly fee that varies depending on the number of clients the information is shared (volume rebate applicable).
  • Based on a monthly fee per Passport (volume rebate applicable). Passports can be desactivated on a monthly basis and want be charged.

People that love NeXafe

Construction • Industrial Services • Engineering • Oil & Gas • Mining • Transportation

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