Reach Your Next-Level in HSE performance

Drive your HSE actions with the software system that brings you more time, compliance and clarity.

How We Make Safety Everyone’s Business.

Our HSE solutions are designed to harness everyone’s efforts, turning the business of safety into a genuine business strategy.


Whether in construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, or in other industries, here’s how NeXafe’s system of solutions can optimize your HSE programs and increase overall productivity.

Simplify to comply

Simplify to comply

Problems can be complicated. Solutions cannot. NeXafe streamlines the HSE management process with intuitive interfaces that foster user engagement, along with simplified workflows that are logically connected to your HSE program initiatives.

Empower your team

Empower your team

Safety is everyone’s concern. Yet, HSE processes are often the responsibility of a handful of people. Our solutions get everyone on board. Leverage automated reminders, delegate responsibility and extend accountability, grant controlled user access and build a stronger safety culture.

Achieve great ROI

Achieve great ROI

Results matter. Exponential results matter even more. With NeXafe, HSE teams can track training with a click, automate time-consuming manual tasks, minimize work interruptions and report on safety with immediacy. Results? Increased worker protection, more compliance, less admin and stronger global productivity.

Sustainable HSE Solutions
that Foster Business Growth.

NeXafe brings together two solutions developed by passionate HSE experts and field professionals. Their goal? To increase worker protection, enhance business productivity, and transform HSE management into a genuine competitive advantage.

HSE Monitoring

An advanced cloud-based solution to efficiently track workers’
HSE compliance.

  • Boosts accountability across the board.
  • Leverages automation and fosters engagement.
  • Provides complete visibility of training requirements.

HSE Management

A leading cloud-based solution to enhance and clearly assess
HSE performance.

  • Optimizes day-to-day HSE processes.
  • Delivers effortless HSE data analysis and KPI insights.
  • Empowers companies to swiftly and proactively take action.

Because HSE Challenges Are Also Opportunities.

Complying with regulations and implementing successful on-site solutions—on top of regular operations—is no walk in the park. Yet these efforts pale in comparison to the hardships associated with safety incidents, and the toll they take on the people and the companies impacted.


HSE challenges are about meeting and even exceeding compliance targets. They’re also about safeguarding your company’s achievements and being ready for your next opportunities.

Overview of the NeXafe HSE system’s benefits:

Our HSE system is built for adaptation. No one-size-sort-of-fits-all compromise here. Customize our tools to fit your company’s structure. Choose what you share and who you communicate it to, from safety requirements to safety KPIs, and everythingin between.

Reaching 100% compliance and a target of zero workplace injuries is possible with a robust HSE platform. Build workers’ profiles, set up requirements, manage competencies, and forecast training needs. Share your HSE policies and work practices. Track incidents, meetings, follow-up actions, and secure all supporting documents.

NeXafe’s mobile-friendly cloud-based solutions go where you go. Display worker certification on-the-fly. Leverage live incident and hazard reports, with visual support. Assign corrective actions, receive reminder alerts, and monitor your HSE performance in real-time, no matter your location.
Intuitive and customizable interfaces—and tools like the quick-scan Safety Passport—optimize the user experience and further drive engagement. By streamlining tasks and operations, our system’s smart workflows allow you to reach your goals with greater clarity and efficiency.

An HSE program is as strong as the safety culture that supports it. Efficient and effective, our user-friendly solutions empower people and companies to improve their HSE knowledge, lower risks to workers and the environment, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Working with the right tools to advance HSE initiatives gives you the edge to leap ahead of the competition. Capitalize on having the right set of pre-qualified workers for the job. Display compliance requirements in a moment’s notice. Steer clear of penalties, leverage your reputation for safety, and drive opportunity.

First-hand Experience

NeXafe Success Stories

About NeXafe

At NeXafe, we saw the challenges faced by workers, safety supervisors, and companies striving to provide their employees with an incident-free working environment. We saw the cumbersome processes, the treacherous paper trails, the unyielding software, and the high-energy efforts expended, trying to catch up or to stay on top. We also saw the numbers on work-related incidents, and the women, men, colleagues, friends, and family members behind these numbers.


From implementation to usability, we believe that simplicity is the key to respond to complex challenges and improve productivity. That’s why we created NeXafe: to bring together solutions that streamline the HSE management process and, quite simply, enable people to do much more with much less. Our advanced HSE system of solutions adapts to your business- and industry-specific conditions. It keeps workers and the companies they work for safe and ready for the next opportunity, empowering your whole team to reach the next level in HSE performance.