Experts in consulting strategies and on-site execution logistics meet HSE challenges head-on with HSEtracker.

A quick comparison of past and present safety regulations will highlight just how much more complicated the HSE framework has gotten for companies and safety managers, no matter the industry. And for a good reason: establishing safer working environments is serious business. Check with any HSE professional, and they’ll confirm the challenge is real. It requires being highly organized, having insight into workers’ realities, and understanding project-specific components.

Now, take this challenge and multiply it by, let’s say, 125; that’s the average number of companies Summit’s professionals work with every year! Summit provides consulting strategies and on-site execution logistics to companies in Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities & Renewables, Commercial & Industrial projects, and Mining & Resources. Each comes with a specific set of safety hazards, risk factors, requests and regulations, and worker requirements.

Using HSEtracker provides 100% peace of mind. Everything is verified.

-Kevin Vallee, HSE Manager, Summit

First-hand Experience

Trying out a product or service for some time is arguably the best way to know how well it works. Summit first experienced NeXafe’s HSEtracker system with one of its major clients, who had already been using it.

1. The Need to Streamline Worker Tracking

Clarity of and accessibility to worker tracking information are like the starting blocks of the HSE event; they provide safety managers with the optimal launch position to meet their goals. Get worker tracking in order, and you’ve got yourself a well-oiled machine ready to advance with every layer of projects. Struggle from the get-go, working with disjointed data and requirements, and your HSE engine will misfire, hindering progress with each case of compliance deficiency. More important than any possible interruptions is the fact that proper monitoring keeps workers safe.

Summit’s HSE team has always stressed the importance of worker training compliance, whether people are going down a mine, harvesting natural resources, or standing on top of a skyscraper. Like several safety managers, the team had been using spreadsheets and Excel workbooks to accomplish this duty. They quickly saw the value in HSEtracker to track and report on safety and quality efforts. Gaps in training, for instance, could be spotlighted in an instant. Sharing information and 100% compliance status in real-time with their clients also provides a key differentiator. Today, the entire Summit workforce uses HSEtracker.

2. Tackling the Tracking Challenge

Tracking worker training is not only crucial; it’s also demanding. A robust and well-thought-out platform like HSEtracker changes the game.

Optimizing the
HSE Workflow

HSEtracker saves several hours, every week, for Summit professionals. The system’s workflow ensures no checkpoint or requirement is overlooked. Rather than managing the information, Summit’s professionals focus on the set of actions to move forward.

It’s a great alternative to manually tracking requirements and training.
HSEtracker is worth every dollar.

-Kevin Vallee, HSE Manager, Summit

Gaining Next-level

With HSEtracker, Summit professionals can separate requirements by division, client, position, task, employee, and more. The result is a dynamic mapping of compliance and forthcoming training gaps to fill.

When project planning begins—and as it unfolds—PDF documents containing mandatory certifications and required training can be exported; Summit can share them with clients and other stakeholders in a matter of seconds.

The Benefits of
Shared Responsibility

Summit says they’ve seen a marked increase in employees’ engagement. With HSEtracker in place, workers are actively involved—and held accountable—to avoid any lapse in training: “The pre-determined emails feature for expiring tickets has been a major positive result. By notifying workers they have expiring training coming up in 60, 45, 30, or 15 days, HSEtracker allows ample opportunity to schedule and budget training around fast-paced work and industry schedules,” highlights Kevin Vallee, HSE Manager at Summit.

3. Less Time and Energy Yields Greater Results

Using an integrated software solution like HSEtracker to manage an HSE program is akin to the advent of modern accounting software. The system opens up new resources.

We sometimes refer to HSEtracker as being ‘bulletproof.’ It ensures tickets and requirements are managed accordingly and effectively. Summit is very confident in the utilization of the software.

-Kevin Vallee, HSE Manager, Summit

Streamlined Onboarding.
Massive Savings.

The first steps using HSEtracker include sending a one-page information form to NeXafe and tickets for integration into the system. Profiles are created with preset requirements. From there, any deficiencies are identified and flagged by HSEtracker.

“It can vary slightly depending on the time of year, needs of the business, and how many new hires, but there are massive savings directly relating to administrative time and fees. Easily eight to ten hours a week for administration only,” adds Kevin Vallee.

A+ for Accuracy.
A+ for Accountability

With increased levels of accuracy and automated follow-ups and notifications, HSEtracker helps Summit build an even better safety culture, internally and with its partners. The system boosts accountability for everyone, thanks to workflows that hold the appropriate personnel responsible: “Weekly emails on training status are sent to the executives at Summit, and they follow up delegating to VP’s, Managers and Supervisors to ensure gaps are filled, and training is complete and current,” explains Vallee.

Increased Client

Summit also indicates they saw a positive impact on their clients. Several clients have praised HSEtracker for its ease of use. Top features include exporting and sharing PDF documents, and the ability to validate requirements with a quick scan of a worker’s Safety Passport. The enhanced clarity and clearly defined information architecture afforded by HSEtracker prompted many Summit clients to elevate their own HSE management and initiatives.

4. Need Help? It’s There.

NeXafe’s support team helped Summit’s people to resolve issues and advance through different steps and features of HSEtracker. NeXafe’s customer care team tailored HSEtracker to mirror the needs of Summit and to optimize workflow, creating tickets, training, or orientations specific to a client or industry.

We service over 125 clients annually, resulting in many different requirements to adhere to. HSEtracker has been a big win for Summit.

-Kevin Vallee, HSE Manager, Summit


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