Drive Safety Engagement and Collaboration

Get everyone on board with user-friendly tools and features that optimize efforts at all levels of your organization.

Because workplace safety is everyone’s business.


Your employees can keep track of personal tasks, notifications, training, company-wide KPIs, charts, and more, all within a single point of information.

Mobile iOS & Android App

Enable everyone to report hazards and incidents on the spot, using consistent, customizable forms on smartphones or tablets. Speed up awareness and resolution with automated notifications to key people.

Safety Passports

No need for workers to carry around paperwork: with centralized, cloud-based information, OHS managers can scan workers’ safety passports with a smartphone, validating compliance instantly.

Training Tracker

Empower workers to stay on top of training—and free up precious time for yourself!—with automated notifications for expiring certificates and upcoming project requirements.

Information Sharing

Raise accountability across your company, thanks to NeXafe’s user-based design and features like task reminders and escalations, automated notifications and shared KPIs.

Because workplace safety is everyone’s business.

Get everyone on board with workplace safety initiatives.

Problems can be complicated. Solutions cannot.

Optimize the user experience and drive company-wide engagement with intuitive and customizable interfaces and tools like the quick-scan Safety Passport. Reach your goals with greater clarity and efficiency thanks to streamlined task workflows and informative dashboards.

Get productive safety.

This is not just another tech solution. Safety experts with decades of field experience designed NeXafe’s workflows to drive management effectiveness and consistency across all aspects of your OHS processes.

Add ease of use, full customization ability, and streamlined information sharing to the mix, and you’ve got yourself one powerful tool to mitigate risks and increase overall productivity.