Risk, Hazard, Inspection and Incident Reporting.

Optimize risk and incident management with powerful features that expand your reach: capture events on the spot, deliver high-value reports, and speed up corrective actions.

Report on risks and incidents with the same software
system you use to resolve them.

OHS Reports Logic

Deliver consistent, high-quality reports and data using customizable report forms and checklists on computers, smartphones or tablets.

iOS & Android Mobile App

Capture events on location, 24/7 online or offline. Create awareness of problems instantly, enable faster response and corrective actions. Add photos for more informed decision-making.

Hazard ID

Identify hazards faster and ensure reporting consistency using smart workflows and customizable drop-down menus to specify hazard types, causes and additional factors.

Incident Management

Deliver high-value reports and incident-specific measures swiftly, using reporting workflows and automated notifications. Improve traceability, analysis, corrective actions and follow-through by interconnecting your data on a centralized platform.


Collect high-quality data using custom forms for every type of inspection. Pull up the correct form in seconds. Free up time for decision-making or other inspections by entering data directly into your OHS software.

Risk Ranking & Analysis

Mitigate risks by increasing the value of your event reports. Use pre-defined options for risk type, cause, severity and probability of recurrence to better prioritize corrective actions and spot trends.

Report on risks and incidents with the same software system you use to resolve them.

The OHS management system with a real-time impact.

Safety in front of everyone.

NeXafe’s mobile-friendly cloud-based solutions go where you go. Display your workers’ certifications on the fly. Report on risks, hazards and incidents live, with supporting visuals. Assign tasks, stay on track with reminders, even monitor your KPIs, no matter the time or location.

Manage risks before they become incidents.

Our mobile-friendly software turns every worker into your watchtower, allowing them to flag risks and feed up details with remarkable consistency. NeXafe’s fully integrated platform handles the data crunching for you, revealing indicators and insights that empower you to take the best corrective actions and mitigate future risks and incidents proactively.

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