Your Workplace Safety Knowledge Base.

Establish your OHS operations on solid ground with leading workplace safety information, best practices and effective forms and templates.

The building blocks of your H&S Program.

H&S Program

Out with disjointed systems and time lost searching documents: access your complete H&S Program documentation from any location, 24/7, thanks to secure, centralized Cloud hosting.

OHS Library

Accessing leading safety practices and compliance requirements has never been so easy. Get exclusive quarterly regulatory reviews and region-specific OHS industry information curated by our experts.

OHS Templates

Get access to 130+ compliance policy and procedure templates to build your entire H&S Program. Customize them to your needs—swiftly and with no extra fee!

Learning Center

On top of orientation docs and videos that speed up onboarding for your NeXafe users, the Learning Center allows you to centralize and share your company’s safety training material.

The building blocks of your H&S Program.

Turn your workplace safety challenges into opportunities.

Out with negative impacts. In with new contracts.

Verifying worker compliance with your safety procedures is no walk in the park. NeXafe’s Training Tracker feature enables you to set and meet competency targets and raise safety awareness.

Not only are your workers better protected, your company is better equipped to steer clear of costly penalties, preserve its reputation for safety and secure new business opportunities.

Demonstrating your compliance couldn’t be easier.

When outsourcing, most private companies and public bodies require bidders to have a proper OHS management system. Third-party validation platforms are no different.

Using NeXafe keeps you in the running. Show proof of your workforce’s compliance and your company’s active health and safety management system at a moment’s notice, whether for audits or project submissions.