Reach Your Next Level in OHS Performance.

Smart workflows and real-time task visibility deliver on all fronts, providing you with greater control, company-wide engagement and employee accountability.

More clarity. More accountability. More safety.

Corrective Actions

Ensure follow-through by including timeframe for completion, priority levels and assignee reminder notifications. Tie your corrective actions to hazard, risk or incident reports for optimal visibility.

Progress Tracking

Time-consuming tracking no more: display open tasks with a few clicks, for yourself or per employee. View your open reports just as easily and focus on the highest priority.

Safety Meeting

Centralize all safety meeting information, from talking points to notes and follow-ups. Use customizable templates to produce high-value reports, adding tasks and assignees for tracking and accountability.

Assign training

Ensure your workers are all set for your next project. Assign training by worker or group of workers, including the timeline for completion and automated reminder notifications.


Follow through on hazard, risk, or incident reports efficiently, thanks to smart workflows that streamline procedures and consistently deliver the right info to the right people.

NeXafe turns your data into a powerful safe work tool.

Technology designed to improve workplace safety.

Rest assured that no one drops the ball
on safe work practices.

Go beyond the convenience of a centralized OHS platform. With NeXafe, drive company-wide engagement thanks to superior information sharing between all levels of your organization. What’s more, raise accountability across the board, using key features like task assignment, notifications, and shared views for progress tracking.

Exercice due diligence. Always.

NeXafe automatically establishes your company’s due diligence program. How so? Our safety experts designed the system around OHS pillars, covering all aspects of a due diligence program. As a result, features that increase your efficiency and workplace safety also allow you to meet due diligence program criteria. Plus: with OHS data hosted on a fully integrated platform, you can swiftly export any element of information needed to demonstrate due diligence or meet third-party platform requirements.