Your OHS Headquarters

The Safety Office is precisely that: a one-stop hub where you can monitor company-wide OHS information and take the best course of action.

Lead the way in workplace safety.


Pool together crucial information on your Company Dashboard. Track company-wide tasks, reports, training and corrective actions, all in one location.

Training Tracker

Keep yourself and your workers one step ahead of expiring certificates by automating time-consuming follow-ups. Eliminate training redundancies and meet project requirements proactively.

KPI & Charts

Keep your eyes on the most important metrics by embedding views for your top charts, graphs and KPIs directly on your Company Dashboard.


Deliver the right information to the right person at the right time: customize your notification triggers and messaging to keep everyone on track.

Forms & Specific Content

You have total freedom: customize tables, charts, graphs, prebuilt report forms and drop-down menus to reflect your company’s terminology.

User & Groups

Create profiles for all NeXafe users, including subcontractors: control groups, roles and user permissions to fit your company's reality.

Lead the way in workplace safety.

Safe workplaces don’t happen by accident.

The market’s most customizable OHS software.

No one-size-sort-of-fits-all compromise here. With NeXafe, you can customize tools, features and drop-down menus to serve your reality. Choose what you share and who you communicate it to, from safety requirements to safety KPIs and everything in between. 

Good OHS data means better outcomes. 

Engage workers in reporting incidents and hazards by keeping your forms simple. Enable consistency through customizable drop-downs, checklists and predictive text fields. Encourage even faster reporting with our mobile app.