Monitor, analyze and share OHS results.

By interconnecting your data, KPIs and goals in real time, NeXafe provides you with powerful metrics and insights to grow your safety performance.

NeXafe turns your data into a powerful safe work tool.

KPIs & Goals

Foster continuous OHS improvement using KPIs and goals that allow you to monitor company-wide performance accurately at any given moment.

Charts & Statistics

Understand your data with customizable, streamlined charts, tables and dashboards. Review, compare and cross analyze information for specific segments or the entire company.


Raise the bar on risk mitigation thanks to powerful analytics that allow you to spot root causes and recurring trends.

Enterprise View

Managing several sites? Pool segments of data from all subsidiaries and benchmark your KPIs in real time against the goals you set.

Share Views

Drive OHS engagement and awareness by embedding goal-oriented charts, graphs, tables and KPIs on dashboards of company executives, HR people, site managers or frontline workers.

Export Data

Sort and export all of your data in your preferred format, including CSV, JPEG, PDF, corporate reports and more. Grab the data in real time or for specific periods. No fees. No limits.

NeXafe turns your data into a powerful safe work tool.

Safer company. Stronger results.

Your OHS competitive advantage.

Working with the right tools to advance workplace safety gives you the edge to leap ahead of the competition. Capitalize on having pre-qualified workers for the job. Display your compliance and demonstrate due diligence at a moment’s notice. Steer clear of penalties, leverage your reputation for safety, and drive business opportunity.

Put your OHS data to work.

NeXafe is your high-performance data machine. Smart workflows streamline data the moment it’s entered, converting your inputs into key performance indicators (KPIs) and streamlined charts and graphs.

With analytics at your fingertips, you see how real-time performance measures up to goals, make better-informed decisions and take more effective measures. Your data also works wonders for safety culture: with embedded KPIs on their dashboards, your people naturally strive toward safer work practices.