Safeguard your workforce.
Safeguard your business.

Track your required worker certificates and competencies automatically using NeXafe’s proven HSEtracker solution.

Eliminate time lost to managing workers’
documentation and certificates.

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency at all levels of your company thanks to automated email notifications and alerts for expiring training certificates.

Access your workers’ papers

Access your workers’ papers from anywhere, at any time, with secure cloud hosting that puts an end to lost or forgotten certificates.

No more massive spreadsheets or inefficient databases

Experience simplified workforce compliance management: ensure your workers meet requirements for any job, customer or project.

Construction • Engineering • Oil & Gas • Mining • Transportation

Designed for workplace safety in all industries

A risk-free decision

“Contact me to try HSEtracker for free.”
Christian Charbonneau
NeXafe CEO

Flexible monthly-based plans for workforces of all sizes.

Get all HSEtracker features, secure SSL encrypted data protection and automatic backups no matter your plan. Updates and ongoing support are also included.
Up to 50 Active Workers

Small Plan

Your starting point!
51 to 200 Active Workers

Medium Plan

*The first 49 workers are on
the Small plan.
201+ Active Workers

Large Plan

Custom Pricing
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