Contractor Compliance Management

Add a contractor.

All contractors whom are on NeXafe, have a Contractor Compliance Passport where all the compliance information and documents are consigned. To access a contractor’s passport and you must invite him to collaborate on NeXafe and he must acept your invitation to establish the collaboration. Once accepted, you will be able to assign the requirements he needs to comply with in order to work with you. There is  2 ways to invite contractors, depending if they already are on NeXafe or not.

How to do it:

Access the Contractor Compliance sub-menu Select Passports  

  • You now see the list of all contractors with whom you have an established collaboration.
  • Click the blue Add button at the top of the window to invite one or several new contractor.
  • The general list of contractors active on NeXafe will appear.
  • Find the contractor in the list or use the search bar at the top of the window to help you.
  • On the contractor line, click the blue Invite button on the right.
  • In the confirmation window, accept to send the invitation or cancel the procedure.
  • The blue Invite button of the Contractor will turn grey and say Invited.
  • Once confirmed, a notification is automatically sent to the contractor to let them know they have an invitation to approve.
    • Once the invitation is approved, the contractor will appear in your passport list (and the Invite / Invited button on the contractor’s line in the master list will disappear).
    • You will then be able to assign them one or more lists of requirements.
  • Can select several contractors in the list by checking the left checkbox on each contractor’s line.
  • Once all checked, click the blue Invite Contractors button at the top right of the window.

If the contractor is not in the general list, you can send an invite to join NeXafe.

  • Click the blue Add button at the top of the window again.
  • Enter the contractor’s contact email.
  • An invitation to create their NeXafe account will be automatically sent to them.
    • Once the account is activated, the contractor will appear in your passport list.
    • You can then assign one or more lists of requirements to it.
  • All items already in the contractor’s Passport that correspond to the requirements you assign will be automatically shared with you without any action required from the contractor.
  • If a requirement is new to him, he will have to add the necessary information.
  • In both case, you will have to approve the compliance of the information or reject the non-compliant items.
  • In case of rejection, you can easily add an explanatory note. The contractor will automatically be informed that the item is non-compliant and must be updated.

Create a requirement list.

A requirement list is a sublist of required items you need to track in relation to a project or contractor profile. The items of a requirement list are taken from the Tracked Items Master List or added through the Form Builder when you design a specific form (you need the Avantage package to access the Form Builder).

How to do it:

Access the Contractor Compliance sub-menu Select Requirement Lists

  • Click the blue Add button at the top of the window.
  • Name the list (French is optional).
  • Click Save.
  • The updating window will open:


  • You can add a description.
  • If you click the blue Save button now, the window will close and you have to open it again to add items to the list.

Add requirements

  • Click the blue Add Item button.
  • In the left dropdown list, select the type of requirement you want to add (the standard document type is pre-selected).
  • Select the item in the right dropdown list.
  • Click Save the item.


  • Repeat to add more items to the list.
  • Click the blue Save button (below the description zone) to record all your modification and close the window.
  • You can create as many requirements lists as you want. It is good practice to create lists grouping together the most common requirements (applying to everyone) down to the most specific. You can then easily assign a list assembly based on a project or subcontractor profile without having to repeat the same requirements in each list.

Modify or delete a requirement list.

You can modify the name of an existing requirement list, add or modify the description or its content by adding or removing tracked items.

How to do it:

Access the Contractor Compliance sub-menu Select Requirement Lists  

Name or description

  • Modify the content directly in the respective fields.
  • Click the blue Save button (the window will close. If you want to modify the items, proceed with your item modifications and click the blue Save button at the end to exit the window and go back to the Requirement Lists).

Add required item

  • Click the blue Add an item button.
  • Select the type of requirement from the drop-down list on the left (the list of standard documents is selected by default).
  • Select the item according to the type chosen in the drop-down list on the right.
  • Click Save item to save your selection.


  • Add other items in the same way.
  • Click the blue Save button (below the top description box) to close the window.

Delete a required item

  • Click the red Delete Item button under the item to delete.
  • Confirm.

Delete a requirement list

  • Delete all items from the list by clicking the red Delete Item button under the each item.
  • Once the list is empty, click the red Delete Item button.
  • Confirm.
  • If you modify or delete a requirement list, the changes will automatically affect all contractors to whom the list was assign to. 

Assign requirements to a contractor.

Once you have created your Requirement Lists, you must assign the lists to the right contractors. Once the assignation done, you will be able to access automatically the information and documents corresponding to the requirements that are already in the Contractor’s Passport for approval. If the information and documents linked to a requirement are not already in the contractor’s Passport, he will receive an automated notification of a new requirement he needs to comply with.

How to do it:

Access the Contractor Compliance sub-menu Select Passports  

  • Check the box of each contractor to whom you want to assign the same requirements.
  • Click the blue Assign Requirements button at the top right.
  • Select a Requirement List from the drop-down list.
  • Click Save and a confirmation message will appear for a few seconds.
  • On the contractor line, the number in the small blue rectangle with rounded corners will have increased by the number of lists added (click on it to see the names of the requirements lists associated with a contractor).
  • The dot on the contractor’s line will remain red until you have approved the required information and documents

Validate and approved contractors' compliance information.

A contractor will only be compliant with your requirements, once you have approved the submitted information and documents. If you find an error in the information submitted, you can reject the item with an explanatory note. The contractor will then be notified of the error and will be able to correct the situation before resubmitting the item to you for approval.

How to do it:

Access the Contractor Compliance sub-menu Select Approval  

  • Click on the Eye icon to see the item requiring approval.

Note: carefully check the name of the proof document as well as the dates

  • To approve the item: click the green check mark “” on the item line
  • To reject the item: click the red “X” on the item line
  • For approval of several items at once:
    • Select them using the check boxes.
    • Click the blue Approve Items button.
  • To reject several items at once:
    • Select them using the check boxes
    • Click the red Reject Items button.

Rate contractors.

You can give each contractor a rating ranging from 1 to 5 stars to help you rank their performance at a glance. These notes are only known to your organization.

How to do it:

Access the Contractor Compliance sub-menu Select Passports  

  • On the row of the chosen contractor, click the Eye icon at the far right to open the Passport view.
  • In the second section Exclusive Information, select the star rating from the drop-down list and click the Save button.
  • You can also add an explanation note in the Note box. Press the Save button to register your note.
  • The number of stars assigned will appear on the contractor line in the Passport list.
  • The star system is generic, and typically ranging from 1 star for poor to 5 stars for excellent. But you are free to establish your own scale of meaning.

Add other documents to a contractor's file.

In addition to the required items that you define by assigning lists of requirements to contractors, you can also add non-required documents to a contractor’s file. The documents will not be seen or shared with the contractor.

How to do it:

Access the Contractor Compliance sub-menu Select Passports  

  • On the row of the chosen contractor, click the Eye icon at the far right to open the Passport view.
  • Go to the bottom section Contractor Documents.

You can create several folders or layers of folders to better organize your documents:

  • Click the blue Create button.
  • In the window, click the blue Create Folder button.
  • Enter the name of the new folder.
  • Click Save.

To change the name of a folder or delete a folder:

  • Click the Open Folder icon under the section title.
  • You will see the folder names in blue.
  • Click the 3 dots at the right end of a file’s line.
  • Click Edit to modify the folder name, then confirm.
  • Click Delete to delete the folder (all documents in the folder will also be deleted), then confirm.

To add a file:

  • Click on the folder you want to add the document.
  • Click the blue Create button.
  • In the window, click the blue Upload file button.
  • Drag the file into the dotted area or click in the area to open a file selection window.
  • A confirmation message will appear at the top right once the file is downloaded.
  • In the folder, the file name will appear and will be a dynamic link that can be clicked on to view the document.

To delete a file:

  • Click the 3 dots at the right end of a file’s line.
  • Clicc Delete and confirm.

Follow the compliance status of contractors.

You have 3 options to see and track your contractors’s compliance status. 

1. With the Dashboard

  • In the left menu bar, click the Dashboard icon or « X » of the logo.
  • You see if you have items that are non-compliant, expired or about to expire, or awaiting approval.
  • All texts are dynamic links that you can click to go directly to the items in question.

2. In the Passports section

Access the Contractor Compliance sub-menu Select Passports  

  • On a non-compliant contractor’s line, click the Eye icon at the far right to open the Passport view.
  • In the Required Items section, you can see the compliance status of each of the required items (same meaning of colours).

3. In the Report section

  • The available criteria are by: contractors, requirements, compliance status, expiration date, classification score.
  • You can save a report’s criteria by tapping the blue Floppy disk icon in the top right and naming it.
  • To generate a report at a later date using the same criteria as a saved report, select the saved report from the Select Favorite Report drop-down list in the top section.

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